Sweden’s Biggest APL User Event

SwedAPL ’17 – 3rd April 2017

The fifth annual SwedAPL User Meeting – Stockholm, Sweden – the Capital of Scandinavia.

This years topic:

Cross platform APL – XPAPL

Cross-platform software is by no means a new concept. Software houses that want to increase their potential market share need to provide a solution that works on more than one platform. This can be achieved in many ways and can be roughly categorised into two main groups:

Different source trees

The software is developed in parallel trees with the objective of providing the same features and experience, but targeting different platforms.

Platform agnostic frameworks

By using frameworks that hide the differences between platforms, the application can be developed using a single source, leaving the platform specific implementation to the framework.

Web applications fall into the latter group; single source tree where platform specific implementation is left to the browser. Another example is Java which is compiled to run in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which in turn is implemented in various platform specific flavours.

Scripting languages are considered cross-platform if the interpreter is implemented on at least two different platforms. Dyalog APL for example, is cross-platform as the interpreter is provided on multiple platforms. However, there are differences in features offered in the various versions such as system functions related to GUI.

One alternative to XPAPL is to use an application streaming service like Amazon AppStream. This allows you to write platform specific APL and – through the service – stream your application to any device running a web browser. The great benefit with this approach is that you can use existing, complete APL applications with GUI and simply offer them to your end users directly from the cloud.

Many applications today use a combination of the above approaches to cover multiple platforms. How can APL houses do the same? What are the obstacles remaining before this can be achieved?

We welcome you to join us in Stockholm to share your views and learn from others that have started work on or are interested in XPAPL applications.

An interesting lineup of


We are happy to present the following speakers for this event, all of whom have experience in targeting multiple platforms using APL in their toolset.

More speakers to be confirmed.

If you would like to give a talk or presentation, please email at info@swedapl.se

Morten Kromberg

Morten Kromberg

Topic: XP UI in APL

Morten will provide a high level review of Dyalog's cross platform strategy before zooming in on a recent addition, about to become available in version 16.0 under Windows, macOS and Linux: An HTML rendering widget built-in to the interpreter.

Gil Athoraya

Gil Athoraya

Presentation: Stream APL

Gil will present how a legacy APL application can be streamed to any device running a web browser. The demonstration of the steps involved will be followed by an open discussion on the pros and cons of streaming apps using Amazon AppStream.

Walter Fil

Walter Fil

Topic: Acme42 - A compiler makes everything

Walter will present his APL compiler (work in progress) called Acme42. In contrast to C, newer languages such as C# and Java provide for both a ``better`` target language and an entry vector into software marketplaces such as the Android infrastructure and at least two different Microsoft stores. By compiling the computational parts of APL applications and using the local GUI features, one can rapidly develop applications for multiple targets. Lastly, implementing new array languages, such as an R dialect, is possible with a new front end language parser

Joakim Hårsman

Joakim Hårsman

Topic: Proprietary RPC to HTTP/JSON/REST

Joakim will present his work on providing a new backend HTTP/JSON/REST api for a electronic medical records system written in APL and the challenges faced in performance, stability and cross platform support.

About the


This year, SwedAPL is being kindly hosted by CompuGroup Medical (CGM). We will meet at 9.30am in CGM’s offices for a coffee with a view to start at 10.00am. At midday we take a break for lunch in a restaurant a short walk from the offices. The meeting is concluded with dinner nearby.

Address: Olof Palmes gata 23, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden

Website: www.cgm.com (in Swedish)


09.30am –  Coffee

‘XP UI in APL’ – Morten Kromberg, Dyalog

‘Stream APL’ – Gilgamesh Athoraya, Data Analytics Sweden

‘Acme42 – A compiler makes everything” – Walter Fil

12.00pm  – Lunch

“Proprietary RPC to HTTP/JSON/REST” – Joakim Hårsman, CompuGroup Medical

Space is limited, so book today

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Gianfranco Alongi
Bjørn Christensen
Morten Kromberg
Gitte Christensen
Walter Fil
Alexey Veretennikov
Paul Grosvenor
John Jacob
Gilgamesh Athoraya
Joakim Hårsman
Christer Ulfhielm
Bengt Lindgren
Chris Hogan
Lars Wentzel
Peter Söderström
Thomas Jansson

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